WeMove is Building Nigeria’s Uber for Trucks, Buses & Cars to Bring Sanity to Nigeria’s Transport Industry

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More than 75% of people in Nigerian cities (like Lagos) depended on public transportation to move around. Lagos is a very large city, with a population of 21 million people. 75% of that is about 15.8 million depend on public transportation for getting around daily. But not many changes have really been experienced in the way people use public transport, in the past 20 years, as compared to innovations seen in banking and other sectors.

We don’t have a strong automobile industry anywhere in Africa, while Uber is doing a fantastic job, we could do much more. That’s why software Engineer and serial entrepreneur, Celestine Ezeokoye, created WeMove. WeMove.co aims to formalize, organize and create order to the informal process as well as disrupt the market of vehicle hires. The company also wants to build a vehicle service marketplace that will eventually morph into a transportation service platform. Read more…

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