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Your chance to make an impression or get a response, exists in a millisecond window of consideration. In the last ten years, I’ve worked closely with CEOs and CFOs in banking, technology and consulting. I ghostwrite for a growing number of venture capitalists and startup founders. I make a decent living landing consulting gigs by…

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The Benefits Of Clear Business Communication, And Where It’s Most Effective
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Businesses are only as effective as how well their staff can communicate. Part of this success is down to the communication infrastructure that the company embeds into the working day of its employees. Voice calls, emails, and now increasingly instant messaging applications, it’s likely that you’ll have had to use all three of these in your daily working life.…

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Benefits of soaring Internet use in Kenya
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Internet World Stats show that in less than four years, Internet penetration in Kenya jumped from less than 50 per cent to 82 per cent in 2017. Overall, Internet penetration in Africa stands at 28 per cent in the same period. Mobile penetration passed the 90 per cent mark in the same period. Social media…

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DEMO Africa opens up entries to local digital startups
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Africa’s largest startup competition, DEMO Africa, is coming back to Joburg this year and has invited digital startups to submit their entries in time for the event in November. DEMO Africa is a platform that gives technology entrepreneurs an opportunity to meet with over 600 potential investors and technology buyers. The selected thirty startups are also…

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Productivity Secrets From Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Susan Wojcicki, And More
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The average CEO works 58 hours a week, putting in 10 to 11 hours per day, plus an extra six hours on the weekend, according to Time. That’s 11 hours more than the average full-time worker. More time means the potential to get more done, but many enlist powerful productivity hacks to give them an edge.…

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Here’s an Email Communication Strategy That’ll Show Your Investors That Your Serious
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Congratulations, you’ve convinced an investor to capitalize on your startup; however the next milestone is to ensure that you maintain good relations with the same in the hopes that they may fund you again. If you wait until you need to raise money again to talk to your investors, they may not take it too…

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WhatsApp Payments and Business Accounts Headed Your Way
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As of July 2017, Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger had 1.3 billion active users. The messaging platform has been doing well in terms of increasing its user base, all thanks to an array of copied features from other platforms, however, they have not been making any money since they scrapped the $1/year charge. According to WABetaInfo, a blog that tracks…

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Three years ago, we embarked on a multi-pronged approach to support the developer ecosystem in Kenya. While we were already partnering with a number of Kenyans firms in all sorts of industries, we realized that we had not done much to nurture upcoming talent and firms. To cater for this segment, one of the initiatives…

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Crowdfunding on the spot as lack of clear policies fuel confusion, fraud
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The embarrassing dispute between an ailing woman and an activist last week over millions of shillings fund-raised for her treatment has raised concern about the lack of regulations on crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the process of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions on the internet from the public. It has been fast gaining…

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WeMove is Building Nigeria’s Uber for Trucks, Buses & Cars to Bring Sanity to Nigeria’s Transport Industry
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More than 75% of people in Nigerian cities (like Lagos) depended on public transportation to move around. Lagos is a very large city, with a population of 21 million people. 75% of that is about 15.8 million depend on public transportation for getting around daily. But not many changes have really been experienced in the way people…

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BookBus Is Enabling Nigerians Book Buses To Any Destination In The Country
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When you want to travel on vacation, business or for whatever reason, you are most likely to visit the bus park on that day to pay for your trip. What may happen in this case is that all the buses may have left and due to this, you will either travel late or simply postpone your…

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Equity Bank is Closing Some of its ATMs to Encourage Mobile Banking Uptake
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Companies deploy multiple strategies to boost profits without spending huge amounts of money, and the newest organization to take on this approach is Equity Bank. Specifically, the banking institution has started closing some of its automated teller machines commonly referred to as ATMs in a bid to encourage users to adopt its mobile banking solution powered…

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